General info

General information


Please note that at the moment i can only except cash payments.


If your dog has a skin complaint please inform me before bathing so i can use any veterinary shampoos or own doggy towel you may have or chose to provide me with or use our own medicated shampoo.


You are by law to advise me if your dog has ever shown signs of aggression or has been aggressive. I as the groomer refuse the right to groomed any dog that shows aggression while in my care I have the rights to stop your dog at once even if your dogs groom is unfinished !! and payment in full is required. the owner is held liable for any bites caused by their dog.


If your dog is matted he may need clipping close to his skin PLEASE NOTE this may cause skin irritation and small marks on his skin. You will be required to sign a " PERMISSION TO SHAVE MATTED COAT " form.


Your dog while in my care will be treated and groomed as if it was my own . I try my best not to use muzzles but for the safety of myself sometimes it may be necessary. I am honest and will tell you if your dog has been well behaved or has misbehaved while in my care, I do not and will not tell you that your dog has not misbehaved while in my care so not to lose custom , if your dog has misbehaved while in my care i will let you know so that we can talk through the problem and give time and care to your dog and if your dog needs extra time , extra time will be spent with your dog. My job is not just to groom your dog but also to make sure your dog enjoys being groomed while in my care.